All About NASDAQ: ACT And Its Value After The Pandemic

The AdvisorShares Vice ETF is owned by multiple institutional investors as well as retail investors. It is a huge company worth $10 million of market capitalization. The stock provided by the AdvisorShares comes with the symbol NASDAQ: ACT stock at The top shareholders of this stock are the UBS Group AG and the Quantitative Systematic Strategies LLC. The former one invests around 0.44% while the latter one invests about 1.34%. The major institutional investors that are selling the act stock include the UBS Group AG. On the other hand, this stock buyers include institutional investors like the Quantitative Systematic Strategies LLC.

Why invest in ACT stock?

The AdvisorShares Vice ETF comes with the belief that investing in selected and well-doing tobacco and alcohol companies come with long-term assured performance and continued growth given the current scenario of the fondness of people towards these substances as well as the consistency. Hence, the act helps in investing in cannabis-related companies. However, it also ensures that the investment is made in federally legal business and not the illegal ones as per the rules and regulations laid by the government of the United States.

Impact of COVID-19 on the stock

The stock of AdvisorShares Vice ETF was trading at $20.21 before the pandemic of COVID-19. On March 11th, the WHO announced it as a global pandemic yet, the stock of AdvisorShares did not fall. Surprisingly, after the pandemic, the shares increased by around 23.7%. Presently, it is trading at $25.00. As a result, the shareholders did not bear any loss due to the pandemic and gained profit.

Press coverage of the NASDAQ: ACT stock

However, the NASDAQ: ACT stock is getting extremely negative coverage from the press lately. It earned an impact score of a very low -4.1 out of 5 on the scale of InfoTrie, which takes the positive and negative press coverages from various news and blogs into consultation before deciding on the acquired score by any stock. But, the good news is that the recent headlines have turned the game around because the stock received headlines about the company from press coverage that established a news buzz of 10 out of 10. It is likely to have a good impact on the company and the investments In their stock shortly.

How to buy the shares provided by AvisorShares Vice ETF?

One can buy these stocks with an online brokerage and a brokerage account for making stock related transactions. Presently, one can buy a share of the ACT stock today for $25.00. Looking at the demand for tobacco and alcohol, it is safe to say that this stock’s future seems bright. You can check live stock quotes before stock trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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